MARCH 2024

10 - 11:15am Pacific Time
Three Sundays Series: Live and Recorded

Re-Imagining Shame

The Secret, Hidden Driver of Human Maturation

About this Series

Re-Imagining Shame: The Secret, Hidden Driver of Human Maturation

Shame is nothing to be shameful about. Shame is the very physical, heart rending, painful measure of the way we hide from life and from others because we do not feel ourselves equal to what we meet.

In other words, all human beings experience it at every stage of their passage through life: most especially in moments where we need courage and presence and most emphatically as we approach our last breath.

Shame calibrates all the ways, great and small that we don’t measure up: and therefore shame secretly affects even the outwardly shameless and is the core human driver of all human maturation: shame outlines exactly the ways we feel inadequate and unequal to life and exactly the nature and place of our hiding.

Shame tells us all the ways we long for real change but do not feel worthy.

Shame provides us, generously and on a daily basis, with the invitation to understand all the ways we do not wish or do not deserve to be seen, to be touched or to be invited to join the extraordinary dance of the world: shame tells us instantly all the ways we desire to meet but dare not meet: all the ways we are desperate to play but do not play: all the ways we desire to sing but do not sing.

Shame tells us all the ways we long for real change but do not feel worthy of the transformation, all the ways we deeply desire to be enlivened or to feel pleasure in the extraordinary miracle nature of creation. Shame instructs us in all the ways we feel we do not deserve to be here.

Evolutionary pressures and the paramount survival of the tribe mean that our very personal sense of not being adequate to what is demanded of us, is often used against us by the community, by our colleagues, and by our societies to keep us in line, to make us feel bad about ourselves; to make us feel physically as if we could ‘die of shame’ something that has a powerful, evolutionary, dynamic of communal survival behind it, and something that it takes tremendous self knowledge to withstand, to be able to examine and find out where we are actually guilty and need to reform and where we have simply become a scapegoat.

Join David Whyte, live or recorded for Three Sundays in March exploring a theme that we often feel either overwhelms us or absolutely doesn’t apply to us in our brash and unwarranted confidence. All of us work with feelings of shame, great or small: this is an opportunity to see it as a friend to our maturation and self understanding, rather than an enemy to be kept at bay.

Registration to view the session recordings will be available until June 20, 2024.

How the series work

Live session webinars take place via Zoom and include 60 minutes of David speaking followed by a 10-15 minute Q&A period.

Live Webinars

The link and call-in details to join the live session webinar will be made available 24 hours before the session starts.

Session Recordings

Recordings for each session include closed captions (in English) and are made available to all registered attendees.

Resource Guides

Session resource guides include a summary of the session as well a list of poems and references cited throughout the session.


I've been participating in Three Sundays for awhile now. Your work has shown me how to "hold a different conversation" with life and has helped me move through grief to find my self again. Thank you.

S. Marquis

Your Three Sundays Series have been a church for my soul, an inspriation for the human condition, resonate deeply with your words.

S. Pierce

Your work consistently offers an invitation to inner dialogue, as well as opens pathways to more meaningful conversations with others. In addition, I love the way you use language that captures the heart and soul of being alive and connects all of us to one another.

K. Goldberg

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't attend live?



Each session is recorded and will be made available to all registered attendees for a period of three months after the series ends. Session recordings can be found in “Three Sundays” in your Profile.

How long is each session?



Each session is 60 minutes of David speaking following by a 15-minutes Q&A.

Will I be on camera during the live session?



The sessions are set up as webinars. Only David will be on camera.  Attendees are muted and set to video off during the entirety of the session.

Can I join the sessions from my mobile phone or landline?



Yes. You can connect via the Zoom app on your mobile device, or call in from a landline or mobile phone. For those interested in listening on a landline or mobile phone, we will send the phone number prior to each session, including international call-in options.

Are Closed Captions avilable?



Yes!  English Closed Captions are provided with the video recording. We do not have CC available with the live sessions at this time.

How do I receive the Zoom details for each session?



The Zoom details will be made available 24 hours before each session begins. The call-in number and link to join will be added to your Series Library, as well as emailed to you.  Please check your Spam/Junk folder if you cannot find the Zoom details in your inbox.

If you do not receive the Zoom information by email, or cannot log into your library, please contact [email protected] and someone will be happy to assist you.

What if I can't afford the cost of registration?



The cost to register for three sessions is $65.00 USD.  If you cannot afford to pay the full fee, please contact us to receive a discounted rate.

Will I be able to ask David questions during the live sessions?



During each session, we will open the Zoom Q&A column where anyone can submit a comment or question.  David will take select questions during the last fifteen minutes of the session.

Due to the limited time, we cannot answer every question live, but David does enjoy reading all the comments after the session is closed, and on occasion is able to answer additional questions there.

How long can I access the recordings for a series?



Session recordings are posted in the Series Library and are available for a period of approximately 3 months after the date of the last session.

We round up to the 1st day of the next month, so, for example, if the last session of a series is on March 26th, we will have the recordings available until July 1st.

Can I register to watch Three Sundays Series from the past?



In the coming months, we will launch a subscription service called the David Whyte Companion. The Companion Library will contain all of David’s poetry and essays, as well as select videos and an archive containing featured Three Sundays Series from the past four years.

We are very excited to launch the David Whyte Companion and look forward to sharing more details soon.

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