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Santa Fe, New Mexico

Unordinary: Shaping an Extraordinary Everyday Life

Join David Whyte and Henry Shukman for a morning in Santa Fe

Saturday, September 28th

Current Three Sundays Series

July 14, 21, 28 - 2024

The Road to Santiago

The Life Long Adventure of Getting Where We Want to Go

Setting off on a journey, toward a possibility, an ambition, a horizon just beyond our present vision, but living in our imagination, has been an ancient and abiding dynamic in all human lives since the beginning of conscious time. We journeyed out of Africa to make our home all over this world and traveling, mostly on foot and in the company of others is a foundational part of our inherited cellular structure. We are each on a journey whether we leave the confines of our home or not, but this series is about preparing to go, metaphorically or literally, leaving the door and then setting off for new adventures toward something that calls us on.

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