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Three Sundays Series

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The Road to Santiago

July 14, 21, 28 - 2024
Setting off on a journey, toward a possibility, an ambition, a horizon just beyond our present vision, but living in our imagination, has been an ancient and abiding dynamic in all human lives since the beginning of conscious time. We journeyed out of Africa to make our home all over this world and traveling, mostly on foot and in the company of others is a foundational part of our inherited cellular structure. We are each on a journey whether we leave the confines of our home or not, but this series is about preparing to go, metaphorically or literally, leaving the door and then setting off for new adventures toward something that calls us on.
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May 2024
Creative breakthroughs are what we seek all our lives, whether they be artistic, entrepreneurial, financial or emotional, but real breakthroughs only arrive when we combine our best gifts with what others might consider a little wildness. Individual brilliance almost never finds a true outlet unless it can break through the strictures of our surroundings by carrying a slight, sharp edge of craziness to cut through our habitual routines and our habitual conforming. Brilliance needs wildness not only to break through the strictures of society but also to loosen the constraints of our own minds. Our relationship with the ever-moving constellations of the wild, natural world around us are often a measure of our intimacy or distance from our own wildness.
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