The Seven Streams – Special Edition


Special, leather-bound edition: quarter-bound, signed and numbered, with gold leaf and a ribbon bookmark.

About the Book

The poetry in The Seven Streams spans many decades of the author’s life, a life conceived on Irish soil but birthed on another; infused with his mother’s longing, separation from home, and the braided griefs of exile and homecoming.


True to the places and people we meet along the way, the line between the everyday and the numinous can blur, crossing from one to the other and back again like the best conversations in a long friendship, without need for apology or explanation. As we follow the pathways these poems create, into often hidden corners of Ireland, with its long, re-imagined inheritance and resilient people, we discover we are also following a singular human life, through its intuitions, revelations and the mercies of forgiveness. 


Dimensions: 5.75″ x 8.75″

Published: 2024

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