JUNE 24th

7:30 PM
Register - $45
An evening with David Whyte in Cape Town


Being Brave while Staying sane

Join David Whyte for an evening dedicated to waking bravely into our lives again as if for the first time and then shaping an identity more than equal to what we find there.



An evening in Cape Town

Throughout time, we human beings have never quite been able to believe the depth, drama and the disappearances involved in even the average human life. Each one of us grows almost against our will into a steadily unfolding story where the horizon gets broader and more mysterious, the understanding of loss and mortality more keen, the sense of time more fleeting and the understanding of our own mistakes and omissions more apparent. In the midst of this deepening we have to shape a life that both makes sense and is also able to give its essential gift to others: there is no other life than the one that involves this constant beckoning, this invitation to the fiercer aspects of existence.

Through poetry and the insights of poetry – we will look at the way good poetry and the insights of poetry always asks us to be brave in both shaping a good individual life and an equally good society – while asking us to appreciate the daily possibilities for happiness amidst constant on-going calamity. Human beings have always lived in difficult times, there has rarely been a period of history where we have not felt the collective fears and possible losses that all human beings have feared since the beginning of conscious time.

Good poetry always treats us as if we are already brave, already equal to circumstances: that it is already possible for us to be the person we wish to be and create the extended societal life we wish to create. Poetry always asks  us to re-imagine ourselves, our world and our part in it, and most especially, ask the questions which work to reshape our identities, helping us to become larger, more generous, more courageous; equal to the increasingly more rewarding invitations to a deeper happiness, extended to us as we grow and mature.
It’s still possible to fully understand
you have always been the place
where the miracle has happened:
that you have been since your birth,
the bread given and the wine lifted,
the change witnessed and the change itself,
that you have secretly been, all along,
a goodness that can continue
to be a goodness to itself.
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