July 12th

9:30 am - 12:30 pm

The Consoling Word

A Morning in London with David Whyte

Join David Whyte for a deep dive into both his poetry and his new upcoming volume of essays, Consolations II.

The House of KOKO

Friday, July 12th

A morning in London

With this event we invite you to shift and broaden your perspective on life. Over the course of three hours (with a 20 minute break) you will enjoy a thoughtful consideration of words whose meaning and interpretation influence the paths we choose and the way we traverse them throughout our lives.

Whyte is known for unpacking aspects of being human that many of us spend our lives trying vainly to avoid. From shame to anguish and anxiety – Whyte boldly reinterprets them, fully embracing their complexity, never shying away from paradox in his search for meaning. His life-affirming books are meditations on meaning and context.


“We think we know what we are talking about, the meaning of things, the basic rules of language, until we read David Whyte’s Consolations where we are forced to reassess everything and begin again. Such an essential and beautiful book”— NICK CAVE

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